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Currently seeking Ph.D Applications for Fall 2019!

The Expressive Machinery Lab at Georgia Tech is seeking Ph.D. students interested in augmenting human creativity with computational media. We explore how a better understanding of human creativity can help us create new technological experiences where people can express themselves and make meaning with computing. We are broadly interested in Ph.D. students who want to explore the role of expression in computer science education, computational creativity and AI, interactive installations, and/or the cognition of creative collaboration.

We especially encourage applicants interested in joining a newly NSF DRK-12 funded research project on creating an intelligent learning companion for high school computer science students using EarSketch, an online CS learning environment–used by over 260K users worldwide–that using making music with code as a way to engage learners (especially underrepresented populations) in computer science.
Research topics in this project include:

  • Deep learning and creativity for music / code generation
  • Computational representations of aesthetics
  • Pedagogical design of an intelligent learning companion
  • Design for broadening participation in computing

Students interested in computational creativity and AI, learning analytics, computational music, or/and educational media design are encouraged to apply. Potential students for 2019 are especially encouraged to apply to this fall to the Georgia Tech Digital Media, Human-Centered Computing, Music Technology, or Computer Science programs, depending on area of interest. For more information, please contact the lab director, Dr. Brian Magerko (